Est. December 2023


What does a Pittsburgh-based literary magazine mean?
- This was created for the Pittsburgh Literary Scene and for anyone within the 412 area code to either try their hand at something new, find a place for their work as a long time resident, dabble in their words, etc.
- Anyone submitting must have either lived in Pittsburgh for over a semester (roughly four months) or have previously lived in the city for over two years.Where is Pittsburgh?
- Pittsburgh is in Allegheny County of western Pennsylvania, area code 412.
Does it matter where I'm from?
- No, but you must have some association with Pittsburgh. Whether you live(d) there, travel there frequently, know what the city is like, we accept submissions from anyone within the 412 area code. (this does not mean your number has to start with it.) This is a city-based magazine, not a Pennsylvania one.
How do I know where the 412 area code begins and ends?
- Please refer to this site. You can zoom in and out!
Is there a print edition?
- As of now, no. But if you know of any grants or collaborators who can assist in making it come alive, please let us know!
I'm not over 18. Can I still submit?
- No. This was made by a university student who wants to break boundaries and write about the dirty world. Please wait until you are of age.
Why is this 18+?
- We want to get real.
Can I submit art or photography?
- Yes, but under the condition that it is submitted alongside a piece of your writing.
Can I use AI?
- No.


Have you ever passed those bridges, the ones with all the locks on them? The ones that are being weighed down, the ones over the water where keys are lost forever?

Pittsburgh Locked is an 18+ literary magazine for its Pittsburgh-based humans. We're here to provide an outlet and we're here to get dirty. Tell us the nitty-gritty, and give us a piece of your mind.

Fun Fact: you don't have to be a literature student to submit something. You don't even have to be in university. You just gotta be within the 412 area code of the burgh.

This zine is not affiliated with any university or institution. This is independently run by one girl who loves writing, and her feline companion.


email: [email protected]
instagram: @lockedpgh

Claudia is a hearing impaired creative writing student at Carlow University and born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. She has been the editor of multiple publications, best known for The Critical Point, Carlow Chronicle, and Daylight Zine. She loves editing and dancing around in empty classrooms.

Bella is a 16-year-old kitty that has been with Claudia since she was three. She loves to help in whatever way she can, and especially loves catnip.


all submissions must be sent to: [email protected]please enter this information in the subject line:ISSUE, CATEGORY OF SUBMISSION, WORD COUNTexamples:
- issue one, poetry, 130
- Ii, CNF, 2k
- is1, fiction, 3000 words
send your work either as an attachment in the form of a PDF, or pasted in the body of the email. Must be in a readable font, and works not adhering to this format will not be considered.include a short cover letter, a third-person biography (~70 words), and a photo of yourself IF you feel so inclined.

NOTE: Feel free to mix and mash your submissions!- UP TO 3 SUBMISSIONS TOTAL PER PERSON.- make separate emails for each submission in each category.

up to 3 poems; just no excerpts please!
up to 2 pieces of ~3000 words each.
up to 2 pieces of ~3000 words each.

up to 1 piece of ~5000 words.
up to 3 pieces of ~2000 words each.
alongside your literary submission(s), you are free to submit up to ~3 pieces.

this is a one person run team, so responses will take anywhere from as soon as possible to a few weeks after the submission period closes.currently, this is a non-paying market.we do not accept any forms of discrimination, hate speech, or ai works. Please don't lie about using AI.